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Guided Heart Meditation: Loving Kindness – Befriending our Lives (27:22 min.)

Mar 11, 2020

This heart meditation guides us in how to cultivate a deep quality of friendliness in relating to our inner life and each other. The gift of this practice is a direct sense of belonging – knowing that we can never be alone (given at the Fall 2019 IMCW 7-Day Silent Retreat).

“My soul tells me, we were
all broken from the same nameless
heart, and every living thing
wakes with a piece of that original
heart aching its way into blossom.
This is why we know each other
below our strangeness, why when
we fall, we lift each other, or when
in pain, we hold each other, why
when sudden with joy, we dance
together. Life is the many pieces
of that great heart loving itself
back together.”

~ Mark Nepo, The Exquisite Risk

Enjoy the meditation with a short talk that introduces Loving Kindness practice here: Short Talk and Guided Heart Meditation – Loving Kindness – Befriending our Lives


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