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Part 2 – Healing Anxiety – How Meditation Frees Us

Dec 12, 2018

Anxiety and the fear of failure is a pervasive suffering around the world. It is also increasing—along with the pace of life, over-consuming, addiction, noise, polarization and fears for our planet. How do we calm ourselves in a way that brings inner freedom and serves the healing of our larger world? These two talks explore the power of awareness in evolving ourselves beyond the anxiety that grips and confines our lives – part 2 includes working with sleep issues.

Listen: Part 1 – Healing Anxiety – How Meditation Frees Us

Meditation: Relaxing by Day, Sleeping at Night (no bell at end) (14:23 min)

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Now close your eyes

Shut out the world from the dark sweet freshening
of your quiet hearts
Lie loose in the deep waters
Do not be afraid to
give yourselves up to drowning in undefended rest

A.R. Ammons
The Watch


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