Which Wolf Are You Feeding?
After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, as many people feared an ongoing and vicious spiral of retaliation and... Read more >
Rejecting the Wanting Self
“We have been raised to fear…our deepest cravings. And the fear of our deepest cravings keeps them suspect, keeps... Read more >
Soul Sadness
Connecting with Our ‘Soul Sadness’
Marge, a woman in our meditation community, was in a painful standoff with her teenage son. At fifteen, Micky... Read more >
Self-Forgiveness and Making Amends
We are deeply imprinted by the suffering we have caused others. This imprint is sometimes felt as shame, guilt,... Read more >
Loosening the Grip of Core and Limiting Beliefs
I’ve gotten free of that ignorant fist that was pinching and  twisting my secret self.  The universe and the... Read more >
Opening the Gateway to Love
Opening the Gateway of Love
As one of the American pioneers credited for bringing Eastern spirituality to the West, Ram Dass had more than... Read more >
Suffering: The Call To Investigate Beliefs
“Reality is always kinder than the stories we tell about it.” -Byron Katie Can you imagine understanding, even loving,... Read more >
The Opportunity of “The Magic Quarter-second”
In the book My Stroke of Insight, brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor explains that the natural life span of... Read more >
Stepping out of Obsessive Thinking
I’d gone into therapy during my sophomore year in college, and remember the day I brought up my current... Read more >
Planting Ourselves in the Universe
Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and moon, as well as all the... Read more >
The Radiant Awareness Living Through Us
Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you, as fish out of water hear the waves, or... Read more >
Meditating Daily…”No Matter What”
Even after practicing and teaching meditation for more than 35 years now, I truly understand that sustaining a regular... Read more >
Undoing All the Doings
Meditation students often ask me what will help them remember presence in the thick of things. My first response:... Read more >
Beyond the Defended Self
Beyond the Defended Self
During the years right after college, I was the director of a yoga studio at the ashram where I... Read more >
You Are Not Your Space Suit Self
Whatever came from being is caught up in being, drunkenly forgetting the way back. -Rumi We are born with... Read more >
Entrusting Yourself to the Waves
I was drawn to my first Buddhist mindfulness retreat during a time when my son, Narayan, was four, and... Read more >
Presence in the Face of Dying
At the end of a daylong meditation workshop, Pam, a woman in her late sixties, drew me aside. Her... Read more >
Living Life No Matter What
My earliest memories of being happy are of playing in the ocean. When our family began going to Cape... Read more >
The Suffering of Rejecting Desire
“We have been raised to fear…our deepest cravings. And the fear of our deepest cravings keeps them suspect, keeps... Read more >
Lost in the Pursuit of Substitutes
Ever since I was a teen, my drive to be productive has been a key strategy of what I... Read more >