Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times – Free 10-Day Online Summit

As parents, we want to connect with our teens but that can sometimes seem impossible. Better understanding how our teens think and knowing some positive ways we can connect with them is something many of us never learned.

Join more than 40 of the world’s leading teachers in mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, and ancestral wisdom to explore parenting strategies and share top resources and tools to help parents support their teens in these uncertain times

During this FREE 10-day Online Event, you will:

  • Master effective practices to increase connection with your family, reduce stress and anxiety and work through difficult emotions
  • Discover evidence-based ways to reduce self-judgment and disarm your inner critic 
  • Understand the science behind the major changes that teens experience in their body and mind and how it affects them
  • Hear directly from teens about what they’re going through and what they need from parents
  • Learn about eco-anxiety and how it triggers a sense of hopelessness
  • Understand the confusion and stress around self-identity (race, gender, socio-economic)
  • Learn how to spot the signs of suicidal ideation and what to do about it
  • Understand how technology can (and does) harm a teen’s emotional well-being
  • Become a more joyful, less stressed, more present, less burnt-out parent.