The Need for Teachers in Times of Global Trauma – Free Webinar with Tami Simon

In this time of global challenges, the pandemic, climate crisis, and continuing racism and divisiveness, people are longing for wise ways to navigate, heal trauma, find resilience, and foster well-being. The teaching of mindfulness and compassion offers a powerful transformative medicine.

There is genuine gratification in being able to support others in their healing, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. And teaching mindfulness and compassion directly contributes to the evolution of global consciousness and the healing of our world. 

We invite you to watch as Tami Simon sits down to talk with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield about why our world so deeply needs more mindfulness teachers today and how we can serve healing by:

  • Cultivating deeper awareness and compassion
  • Shifting focus from individual to collective well-being
  • Awakening the wisdom of interdependence
  • Dedicating ourselves to engaged spirituality and a more equitable, just world