Taking Your Hands Off the Controls
Blog: Taking Your Hands Off the Controls
As living organisms anxious about our existence, we’re all naturally rigged to want to manage our lives with the... Read more >
Blog: The Opportunity of “The Magic Quarter Second”
In the book My Stroke of Insight, brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor explains that the natural life span of an... Read more >
Blog: Enlarging Our Tribe – Seeing Behind Appearances
In the mid-1970s I worked as a tenants’ rights activist with poor families in Worcester, Massachusetts. Through organizing tenants’... Read more >
Blog: Attention – The Most Basic Form of Love
On my son Narayan’s sixth birthday, I gave him an ant farm. He spent hours watching with fascination as... Read more >
Blog: Trance of "Unreal Other"
Blog: Trance of “Unreal Other”
The truth is: without a genuine willingness to let in the suffering of others, our spiritual practice remains empty.... Read more >
Reaching Out For Compassion
Blog: Reaching Out For Compassion
At a weekend workshop I led, one of the participants, Marian, shared her story about the shame and guilt... Read more >
Blog: Decide on Lpve
Blog: Decide On Love
Jeff was convinced he’d fallen out of love with his wife, Arlene, and that nothing could salvage their twenty-six-year... Read more >
Blog: I realized I don't have to believe my thoughts
Blog: I realized I don’t have to believe my thoughts
Our mindfulness practice is not about vanquishing our thoughts. It’s about becoming aware of the process of thinking so... Read more >
Blog: It’s not what’s happening…it’s how you respond
One of my favorite stories took place a number of decades ago when the English had colonized India and... Read more >
The Sacred Art of Listening - Nourishing Loving Relationships
Blog: The Sacred Art of Listening – Nourishing Loving Relationships
To listen is to lean in softly With a willingness to be changed By what we hear – Mark... Read more >
Blog: Gift to the Soul: The Space of Presence
Blog: Gift to the Soul: The Space of Presence
For many of us this is a season when it feels that we are going faster and faster. Everything’s... Read more >
Blog: Lessons from Kayaking: Finding a way to be with fear
Most of us spend a lot of our lives tensed up in fear, or pushing against fear. The fear might... Read more >
Blog: Absolute Cooperation with the Inevitable
Blog: Absolute Cooperation with the Inevitable – Tara Brach
The modern-day mystic and Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello once said: “Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” This... Read more >
Reflection: Cultivating a Loving Heart
Blog: A Gesture of Kindness
The next time you find yourself in a bad mood, take a moment to pause and ask yourself, “What... Read more >
Awakening Our Body's Awareness - Part 1
Blog: From Self-judgment to Compassion
We were three days into a weeklong meditation retreat when one of my students, Daniel, came in to see... Read more >
Blog: The Transforming Power of Mindful Prayer
Although not always highlighted in the West, prayer and devotion are a living stream in Buddhism. The earnest wishes... Read more >
Blog: Medicate Meditation?
Blog: Can You Medicate Meditation?
The use of anti-depressants by those involved in meditation practice is a very hot topic. Students often ask me... Read more >
Blog: Joy
Blog: Joy
Not too long ago, my ex-husband, Alex, brought us a big batch of his homemade almond butter. It is... Read more >
Blog: Attend and Befriend
Blog: The Trance of Fear
All of us live with fear. Whenever fear takes over, we’re caught in what I call the trance of... Read more >
Blog: From Longing to Belonging
Blog: From Longing to Belonging
The great Tibetan yogi Milarepa spent many years living in isolation in a mountain cave. As part of his... Read more >