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Praying from Presence – Part 2
This is Part II of a two-part series. To read Part 1 – click here When we are suffering... Read more >
Praying from Presence – Part I
In moments of desperation, no matter what we believe, we all tend to reach out in prayer to something... Read more >
Not too long ago, my ex-husband, Alex, brought us a big batch of his homemade almond butter. It is... Read more >
Taking Your Hands Off the Controls
As living organisms anxious about our existence, we’re all naturally rigged to want to manage our lives with the... Read more >
Blog: The Space Between the Logs
Blog: The Space Between the Logs
This is from a poem that I love. It’s called, “Fire” by Judy Brown. What makes a fire burn... Read more >
Space of Presence
Blog: Gift to the Soul: The Space of Presence
For many of us this is a season when it feels that we are going faster and faster. Everything’s... Read more >
Blog: Living Whole-Heartedly
Blog: Living Whole-Heartedly
The happiest people I know have something in common: they are whole-hearted in how they engage in their lives…whole-hearted in... Read more >
This is one of my favorite little stories: One afternoon, a tired-looking dog wandered into my yard and followed... Read more >
Daylong Workshop - Emotional Healing
Absolute Cooperation with the Inevitable
The modern-day mystic and Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello once said: “Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” This... Read more >
Blog: Lessons from kayaking: Finding a way to be with fear
Blog: Lessons from kayaking: Finding a way to be with fear
Most of us spend a lot of our lives tensed up in fear, or pushing against fear. The fear... Read more >
“I realized I don’t have to believe my thoughts”
Our mindfulness practice is not about vanquishing our thoughts. It’s about becoming aware of the process of thinking so... Read more >
Blog: Pause and Deepen Your Attention
Blog: Pause and Deepen Your Attention
This is an excerpt from an article in the New York Times Magazine a few years ago: William C.... Read more >
The mystery of who we are
I heard a story when my son was in a local Waldorf school, and I loved it. The children... Read more >
It’s not what’s happening…it’s how you respond
One of my favorite stories took place a number of decades ago when the English had colonized India and... Read more >
Learning to Respond, Not React
Blog: Learning to Respond, Not React
If we are to wake up out of our patterning, a key element of that is to be able... Read more >
Meditatioin: Opening to the Sea of Presence
Blog: Integration of Buddhist Meditation and Psychotherapy
When I was in college, I went off to the mountains for a weekend of hiking with an older,... Read more >
Flow and Presence - happiness
Flow and Presence
What gets between us and happiness? This is an important inquiry in our lives. When you’re really happy ask... Read more >
Riding the Waves
We can’t stop the waves, but we can learn to surf. We can’t CONTROL what life throws at us;... Read more >
Meditation: Touching Peace
Blog: Creating an Unreal Other
It is easy to be untouched by stories we read in the newspaper, on the Internet or watch on... Read more >
Blog: The Sacred Art of Listening - Nourishing Loving Relationships
Blog: The Sacred Art of Listening – Nourishing Loving Relationships
To listen is to lean in softly With a willingness to be changed By what we hear   Mark Nepo... Read more >