Guided Meditations

Meditation: The RAIN of Compassion (34:54 min) (from retreat)
This new version of the acronym RAIN is a powerful way of bringing compassion...
Meditation: Seeing the Goodness (6:11 min)
When we focus on what we appreciate in others, our very attention helps allow...
Reflection: Learning to Stay (4:33 min.)
Reflection: Learning to Stay (2015-12-23) (4:30 min) – We open the door to healing...
Meditation: Awaken to HeartSpace (23:04 min)
Awaken to HeartSpace, the open awareness that is intrinsically tender and wakeful, and discover...
Meditation: The RAIN of Self-Compassion (10:42 min)
This meditation is included at the end of the RAIN of Self-Compassion talk. This...
Meditation: Aliveness, Space and Awareness (21:36 min)
This practice includes a body scan that opens into experience of continuous space, filled...
Meditation: Calming and Opening
Meditation: Calming and Opening (16:20 min)
This meditation guides us in collecting and quieting the mind with the breath, and...
Meditation: Choosing Living Presence (23:54 min)
A meditation on being present with our living, breathing life.
Meditation: Awake & Open Awareness
Meditation: Awake & Open Awareness
  This practice helps settle the mind with the breath and then opens to...
Meditation: Awake & Open Awareness
Meditation: Awake and Open Awareness (with Om’s)
(with community chanting of Om’s) – This practice helps settle the mind with the...
Heart Meditation: Loving Presence
Heart Meditation: Loving Presence (33:55 min)
Scanning the body, filling it with the image of a smile, meditation continues with...
Meditation: The Heartspace that is Home
This meditation awakens attention to the space of awareness…
Meditation: A Healing Breath
…a simple breathing practice that brings relaxation and inner ease.
Meditation: Letting Life Be As It Is
“…relaxing back into the openness that’s awake…”
Guided Meditation: Radiant Empty Heart (38:02 min)
an open focus meditation from the 2015 IMCW fall retreat
Ten-Minute Basic Meditation Practice (10:31 min)
Tara offers a short introductory meditation with a body scan, bringing focus to the...
Morning Instruction and Meditation (from retreat)
Morning instruction followed by a guided meditation from IMCW fall retreat.
Meditation: Relaxing Back into Presence
Meditation: Relaxing Back into Presence (20:04 min)
Tara Brach guides us in relaxing back into presence.
Meditation: Opening to the Mystery (17:13 min)
…“Walk Slowly” ~ Danna Faulds… It only takes a reminder to breathe, a moment...