Talks and Meditations from Retreats


There is a deep awareness that emerges in the silence and stillness of retreat. As the mind becomes quiet, we begin to hear the calling of the heart. Below, you will find a selection of talks, guided meditations, and question/answer – Q/A – periods recorded during Tara’s 5- and 7-day residential retreats.

Talks from Retreats

Embodying Loving Presence (Retreat Talk)

Embodying Loving Presence (Retreat Talk)

This talk looks at the evolutionary fear-patterning that creates separation in our relationships, and at the practices that open us to giving and receiving love. (from the IMCW long weekend residential retreat – 2014-08-02)

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Am I Dreaming? (retreat talk)

Am I Dreaming? (retreat talk)

As we cultivate mindfulness we become increasingly aware of how we move through huge swaths of our life in trance. This talk reflects on three key domains of trance, and undoing...

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Awakening from Virtual Reality (Retreat Talk)

The Heartspace That is Our True Home (retreat talk)

By dedicating ourselves to loving the life that is right here–ourselves–we discover the heartspace that holds this world. This talk explores the pathways of forgiveness, offering and letting in love, and gratitude that reveal the vastness of loving presence.

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Meditations from Retreats

Short Talks, Instructions and QA’s from Retreats

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