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Meditation: Being a Kind Witness (18:47 min.)

Meditation: Being a Kind Witness (18:47 min.)

…the gateway to inner freedom and deep realization. This meditation guides us in witnessing our experience with a non-judging and kind awareness. Écouter en-Français: Meditation: Being a Kind Witness…

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meditations are from Tara’s Radical Acceptance: Guided Meditations 2-CD set ~ these are translated and voice recorded by Hirono Sasaki Magistrali. FAQ for Meditation (PDF) ~ 瞑想方法−よくある質問 「Taraのお話」はタラが毎週無料で配信する講話のハイライトをピックアップしたショートビデオクリップです。日本語字幕の入った「Taraのお話」は こちらからどうぞ 。…

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