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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation and New to Meditation

Commpassion Practice - Tonglen
Meditation – “Compassion Practice – Tonglen” (28:49 min)
Our deepest wisdom and purest actions arise out of open-hearted presence. This meditation, “Awakening...
Meditation: Gateway to Presence
Meditation – Gateway to Presence (10:30 min)
In French: Portail de la Présence
Méditation: Portail de la Présence (11:00 min.)
Ouvrir la porte, pour entrer et revenir à nous-mêmes et à la présence en...
Meditation – In the Body (25:33 min)
This meditation guides us through a body scan, relaxing and receiving the play of...
Meditation: Radical Acceptance of Pain (11:51 min)
Meditation: Radical Acceptance of Pain (11:51 min)
As we learn to relax our resistance to unpleasant sensations, we discover an open...
Meditation – A Moment of Calm (10 min)
   (requires Adobe Flash) Link to view “A Moment of Calm”
Guided Meditation: Listening to Life (25:44 min.)
The attitude of meditation is one of engaged listening – a relaxed, receptive yet...
Awakening - Walking meditation instructions
Walking Meditation – Instructions (audio) (6:19)
Tara gives brief (6 minute) walking and standing meditation instructions. LINK to written instructions...
Meditation: Relaxing into Living Presence
Guided Meditation: Relaxing into Living Presence (23:39 min.)
This meditation guides us to awaken to sensation using the image of a smile...
Meditation: Loving Kindness
Guided Meditation – “Loving Kindness” (22:10 min)
Guided Meditation – Loving Kindness ~ Loving kindness—embracing ourselves and all beings with a...
Meditation: Loving This Life
Guided Meditation – “Loving This Life – Happiness (Metta Practice)” (16:30 min.)
Happiness and Loving this Life – Metta (Lovingkindness) Practice