The RAIN of Self-Compassion

Dear Friend,

I hope you enjoyed my recent interview with Melli…I certainly loved our time together!

As I discussed, the deepest truths are the ones we most often forget. One of these is that if we don’t regard our inner life with kindness, it’s difficult to fully open our hearts to others.

It doesn’t take much to turn on ourselves. In fact, when we’re feeling anxious or depressed, angry or hurt, if we investigate, we’ll find that part of what is going on is that we’re also not liking ourselves.

A fundamental element in all deep healing and transformation is self-compassion.

The acronym RAIN is a powerful tool in systematically cultivating self-compassion. I hope you’ll find this practice and the supporting material helpful on your path!

Follow this link to the RAIN of Self-Compassion offering.

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